Made in 48h (full of cold) for LD40.

You've been sent on a mission to destroy the Flangonian Trade fleet and gather their precious cargo of D.U.S.T (Dangerous Unstable Space Toffee). Unfortunately  gathering D.U.S.T onto your ship doesn't seem to be doing much good to its systems...

Move - WASD / Arrows / Joypad
Shoot - LMouse / LCtrl / A button

Not my most amazing effort and I almost gave up because I've been full of cold all weekend but I thought I'd finish off what was there and stick it up anyway as this makes it my 5th LD in a row with a somewhat complete game submitted!

Font - Felix Hinnemann (
Music - Made from the following samples/loops and Bosca Ceoil:
SFX - explosion made with bfxr and sample by EFlexTheSoundDesigner


Download 20 MB

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