Made in 48h for Ludum Dare 36

NOTE: This game opens external links in your browser. If you're playing the web version, these pop-ups may get blocked. Check to make sure they're not being blocked!

I would advise the download version if you can :)

You are the lucky guy at the office who gets to use the amazing VIDEO TELEFAXER 570X! It's like 2 Fax Machines in one! And a VCR. And a washing machine. And...

Your job is to send as many faxes as you can. Keep completing orders before they run out of time! Click on the orders to open the instruction manuals, and go to the given page to find out what to do.

This game was designed to see if it was possible to make a game based on real life instruction manuals for real life appliances.

Yes that's right the instructions manuals used in this game are actual manuals from actual machines. I hope that isn't considered breaking the rules. I don't actually include them in the game, only link to websites where you already find them. And they're not really the game, just the way of telling you how to play the game.

There's more to this fax machine than faxing. If you get through a few orders you'll see there's some other stuff going on. I would have loved to include loads more appliance types and loads more manuals and loads more instructions, but alas this is the way of the game jam. I think I got enough in though though for a quick bit of fun :)

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